Just a quick update…

Yesterday the 3rd of December I had a severe accident on the way from Madaba to Karak in Jordan.
The bike looks okay but the Tesch-cases and the rack are completely gone. I will have to make new ones.
My Laptop is broken (till now no luck with electronics), so now I cant read out the photo’s on my digital camera what is realy *&%^#. So I will buy a normal camera now I think but won’t be able to put them on the web (as often).

I only have a very bruised foot en one finger šŸ˜‰ but have to rest for 3 days now and then the German couple I met on XT500 are going to help me out!

So I will be very delayed going south and are probably going to spend X-mas around the Red Sea.

If any body knows a cheap laptop or a compact flash-reader (that works with parallel port) in this area I would really like to know!

I am also looking for 4x 35ltr waterproof cans that they use for Kajaking and so to replace the now flat boxes with. So stroll along the internet if you want to and give me some links!

For you that want to know how the accident happened: I wanted to over take a truck and as I was beside it, the truck driver decided to take over a car…. which mad me go into the side of the road at 70km an hour, hitting a sewer-pipe that laid there. . . luggage and stuff was spread over almost 200 meters.

But I am still alive and have a mobile number here in Jordan 00962796820218 so if anybody would like to hear my voice, I will certainly be happy to hear yours!