[sqrcode]Sudan in Cairo, (56 us$ cash) open from Sunday to Wednesday be there before 11:00 AM and you might be able to get it the same day and otherwise the following day. Valid for a month a month after issue.
Note: From a reliable source I heard it is possible to get your visa in Aswan under a cup of coffee with the Council there. (who’s going to confirm?)

Border crossing from Aswan -> Wadi Halfa
Kamal will help you out on the Sudanese side but will bribe you for 16 us$ after everything is done, because he has your carnet. The cost of the paperwork he does for you should be 4 us$, he will tell you thing changed and so, but stick to it, get a receipt from him, be sure you can read Arabic numbers and hold on to your carnet yourself! That’s the paper he holds on to to get the money of you…

Costs for the motorbike 4 us$ in total and about 3 hours.
16 us$ for registration, arrive on a holliday in Sudan and you can get away with that as the reg-office will be closed and then just don’t register the next day, no hassles along the road for me.

Money: 250 Dinars in a Dollar (02/2002) and only change cash euro, us$ or brittish Pounds, ATM’s nowhere.

Petrol Prices: between 60 SD in Khartoum to 260 SD in the North
Beer Prices: No alcohol available/allowed… šŸ™
Overnight cost: Between 0 and 500 SD, most people will let you sleep in their house for free!

Leaving the country.
At Metame to Ethiopia

All very straight forward!