So finally some info on Egypt.

Visa: Applied in Jordan, 3 hours, 12JD -> 16us$

Visa for onward travel.

Sudan in Cairo, (56 us$ cash) open from sunday to wednesday be there befor 11:00 AM and you might be able to get it the same day and otherwise the following day. Valid for a month a month after issue.
Note: From a reliable source I heard it is possible to get your visa in Aswan under a cup of coffee with the Council there. (who’s going to confirm?)

Ethiopia in Cairo, (63 us$ cash) the same day! If you are there before 10:00 AM

Border crossing from Aqaba – Nuweiba
Tourist Police will help you through the troubles at the Egypt side. (He will want some Bakshis but you can get away without)

Costs for the motorbike with carnet 90 us$ in total and about 3 hours.
Car is about double that and double that again if you don’t have a carnet.

Money: 5 pounds in a Dollar (12/2002) and ATM’s everywhere.

Petrol Prices: 1 Epound/Liter.
Beer Prices: Between 5 and 12 Ep
Overnight cost: Between 8 and 25 Ep, low standard but clean.

Leaving the country.
At Aswan to Waldi Halfa, Sudan.

Ask in Aswan for Maghmoud Idris, he normally is in the Aswan Moon Restaurant after noon. He will help you sort things out.
Cost of ship is around 300 Ep in total for motorbike and yourself, but I can’t remeber exactly.
Ship leaves every monday get there on Saterday afternoon to sort things out.