Hello world! (Again…)

Yeah, here we are again!


In 2002-2003 I did a trip on a Teneree from Ulvenhout, NL to Capetown, SA.
I reported most of my preparation and adventures along the way on www.crossing-africa.com

However I managed to loose the domain after I came back from Africa to some domain grabbers, as apparently it was visited well enough to place and advertisement site on.

Now three kids later and a new home there and the visitor rates gone the domain became available again.
I plan to get the site back online with all my diary notes and previous posts. Try to scan some slides etc.

Expect this to be a multiple month (year) project that will slowly get more and more info back online.
However this might be outdated info for a future traveller doing a similar trip.

I will advise you one site in particular for now which helped me prepare and on the road!

www.HorizonsUnlimited.com and especially there forum the HUBB (http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hubb/)

Catch you soon!