Crossing Africa Newsletter VII

Hi Guys,

As I don’t feel up to writing you all a long story of what happened everyday, I will keep it short of what happened in the last 18 days.

I left Dahab finally after getting all the work done on the bike and went to Luxor and Aswan.
The boat to Sudan was two days late because of a holiday (The call it Islamic X-mas)
So stuck in Aswan I had some fun with a Dutch chap driving around de Med. on a Honda ??
And met the two cars that will go to Sudan as well. 2 Italian couples.

On the 12th it was finally leaving and loading the bike on the ferry was quite a story… as it was almost at the bottom of the harbor!
That’s filmed by the Italians so I will try to get a copy…

On the ship I first noticed I left the real Islamic country for the first time in three month as the woman stared at you so long it made me shy… Only then I realized that it did not happen really the last three month in the Islamic area’s where most woman look the other way, if they are on the streets. (Exception of coarse was Lebanon)
I prefer it the way in Sudan!

Getting of the boat, which was easier, Kamal was waiting for us… He is the guy that makes you pay more to enter Sudan but does all the paperwork as an official there should do. Prices vary and he made me pay 20 bucks as it should only be 4, the rest goes in his pocket! Just an advise for other travelers, don’t give him your papers! You will only get them back after you paid. And if you ask for a receipt you will never get it even if he promises… He knows we know we don’t have to pay but just doesn’t care.

After that, as I forgot to fill up in Aswan. I tried to find petrol, which took some time. I found it at a private dealer after I asked where there was a hotel in Aswan, but instead of a direction, I was made to stay at his place for the night, for free. This hospitality is genuine and all over Sudan. I experienced it three days later in El Goleid again, man Sudan is all but good to you! (Leaving Kamal out of the picture of course.)

After leaving Aswan I joined the Italians for three days, as it was my first real piste which went really well for me! Camped under the stars in the desert two nights and the second night had the best meal since I left home! As one of the guys turned 59 we had wine, fresh made pasta, nice sausages and cheese, a very nice steak with cream sauce all in the middle of the desert, LIFE CAN BE TOO GOOD… but you need a woman at your side…

After reaching Dongala we split up as I though the worst part was done… WRONG!!!
The trouble started the day after… I left El Goleid and it was 4 hours and 80 km of pure pain. Deep sand, with tracks of trucks and cars making my front wheel climb out of the track all the time turning my bike 90 degrees around and so on. I fell 5 times but with low speed in soft sand. I must thank my nice diving instructor Emei for teaching me Rescue diving and EFR, in which you learn when something happens underwater to Stop, Breath, Think and Act. When it is 32 degrees in deep sand, after you fell with a heavy bike, you just change the line to: Stop, Drink, Think, Act and its all going to be okay. I was actually amazed with my own temper that day, as I normally get pissed when it doesn’t go the way I want…
After the 4 hours I reached the tarmac to Karthoum! Which I did with 130 km/hour as I was so happy to see tarmac!

In Karthoum I am now and I will leave for Ethiopia tomorrow, trying to catch up with Florian and Iris who are together with two Dutch in a car and a SA on a Teneree in Adis tomorrow!

That’s all for now…

Love Frank

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  1. Hee hoi, nog steeds in Cairo? Ik zit weer in het koude, natte Nederland en IK VOND EGYPTE VEEL LEUKER!!! Maar goed, tentamens… Succes met het regelen van je visa en zo en nog een hele goede reis! XXX en koez, Oedske

  2. Ha die Frank hoe is het trek je het nog een beetje of heb je hulp nodig ?? groetjes Henri

  3. hallo frank
    ik heb van meneer Rob gehoord dat jij in Africa zit.
    De foto’s zijn heel mooi.Doe je de groeten aan de giraffen?

  4. hey kanjer!! Happy Valentine!!! hou je het een beetje uit daar in het zonnige zuiden?? spreek je misschien snel weer!!


  5. hi you mad bugger , hows it going , iam also riding a fat old pig of a tenere from london to cape town , just spent 3 weeks in dar es salaam rebuilding the engine so leave for malawi and zimbauwe soon hope it s going well mate C.U on the road laters freddo

  6. Hoi Frank ik ben net terug van een trip van Alexandrie egypte naar Mombasa in kenia 7600 km. Onder weg kwam ik twee duitsers tegen Florian en Iris. We zijn een tijdje met ze opgetrokken. En ze hadden het over ene Frank uit holland .Blijkbaar ben jij dat .
    O ja het stuk Voorbij Moyale Etiopie /Kenia 500 km lang is zwaar klote erg grove gravel en voor mij het zwaarste stuk. Neem hiervoor de tijd . Trouwens overnachten kun je beter aan de Etiopische kant van de grens doen , de keiniase kant is een groot shit hole, de grens formaliteiten gaan erg vlug dus dit kan wel in de ochtend. De eerste 250 km kost je 5 uur
    veel plezier en val niet

  7. Hey Frankie, hoe is het nu? Hoorde dat je nu in Ethiopie zit, klopt dat? Hoe was het in Sudan? Vind je het nog steeds leuk? Ik mail je binnenkort. Doe voorzichtig en geniet!! Koez, Oedske

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